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Adobe Research has a vibrant audio research internship program with some of the brightest graduate students from around the world. Between our interns and full-time researchers, we have a sizable audio research community coming together every summer.


We are looking for exceptional Ph.D. students (and occasionally masters students) that are passionate about audio and broadly working in the areas of machine learning, signal processing, or HCI. This includes most audio research areas from music information retrieval and generation to speech enhancement, as well as cross-modal fields like audio-visual learning.  Internships typically result in top-tier papers, patents, and/or features in Adobe products.

Learn more about the kinds of things that we work on and meet our researchers.


Our internships are typically in the summer but are available throughout the year. We typically start taking applications by around October for internships in the following year. The application process is below. Look out for our call for internships in various audio research mailing lists as well.



Feel free to reach out to any of our researchers that you might be interested in working with. Be sure to include your CV and research interests.

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